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About fertilizers
Ammonium nitrate

Technical characteristics:
- is presented in the form of granules weak yellow-colored gray;
- the composition contains 33.5% total nitrogen;
- it has maximum of humidity of 0.45%;
- 0.92 t/m3 weight;
- provides a production growth of up to 40%;
- provides increased resistance against plant diseases and enhanced quality of products;
- in the composition of ammonium nitrate , half the nitrogen contains nitrogen, and the other half contains ammonia which gives a wide spread as wide use, both worldwide and in our country, this type of fertilizer, on the one hand, nitrogen ensure that the plant needs, and on the other hand, ammonium ions are easily assimilated by substances from the soil, providing nitrogen substances necessary plant development throughout the growing season.

- it is used mainly as fertilizer for the area of cereal crops, pastures and orchards;
- it is gradually assimilated and in good condition;
- it is applied by land, to prepare the layers before sowing, and localized, with the sowing;
- at the cereal grain and meadows it is preferable the application on the plants after the growing season;
- in the water prepared for meadows it is applied each spring and after mowing;
- it will be avoided spraying the leaves of plants because it may cause burns or even destruction of plants.

CULTURE kg / ha
grain, cereal 700
vegetables, green herbs 300-400
fruit trees, flowers 400
meadows, meadow 700
corn, beet, potato 450
clover, alfalfa 150-250
grape vine 300
lettuce, spinach, cabbage, kohlrabi 600