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About fertilizers

Technical characteristics:
- is presented in the form of granules or poorly colored white;
- contains min 46.0% total nitrogen (relative to dry matter);
- urea bulk weight (t = 20° C): 0.72 - 0, 77 t/m3;
-dissolves easily in water, but losses due to pluvial water and irrigation are smaller than losses noticed in other types of nitrogen fertilizers; however if urea is used wrong and inappropriate, the results will be below expectations.

- it is used as a surface fertilizer, alone or mixed with other fertilizers;
- it is very effective for crops with long growing seasons;
- determination on the field is based on the culture and climatic conditions and soil
- urea may be used on all soils;
- it is applied both early spring and during the vegetation;
- it is applied by spreading on the ground and on the vegetation, but it will not be applied localized or in the same time with sowing, spreading on the surface presents the danger of volatilization loss of nitrogen by up to 20 - 25%;
- the application located at the nest or rows with the seed is contraindicated because the ammonia from the hydrolysis time can damage young germ.